SoJam would not be possible without the generous aid of various groups, companies, and benefactors over the past nine years. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their financial and material contributions to the 11th Annual Sojam.


For information on how you can support our initiatives, contact Kate Pientka.


The Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities like SoJam and the Sing! series to students throughout the US. We appreciate the continued and growing support of everyone that has contributed their time, money and other resources available to further promote our cause.

Sponsorship is a vital part of any non-profit venture’s success, and CASA is no exception. With your help and contributions, we can not only continue to produce SoJam and the Sing! series, but continue to develop and move forward with the promotion of the genre through Scholarship programs and other initiatives.

Over the past eleven years, the SoJam festival has grown from a local gathering of collegiate and professional groups to a national and even international consortium of vocal music enthusiasts. Groups and individuals are now coming from far and wide to experience the magic of our festival. Time and time again, groups thank us for urging them to participate, relating to us how SoJam has changed their group or their appreciation for a cappella music forever.

So how can YOU help? Well, in addition to attending this year’s event (highly encouraged, of course!), you can support us monetarily. We are constantly looking to expand our ability to support and challenge the a cappella community. Some current goals include:

  • more professional groups and clinicians to teach and perform
  • multiple microphone setups in each classroom for dynamic teaching capabilities
  • promotional materials to reach out to even more groups, students, and youth interested in vocal performance
  • high-quality recordings of classroom content and professional performances for instruction and enjoyment of the SoJam festival that extends far beyond the weekend.